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Worried About Probate? Here’s What You Need To Know According To This Saint Augustine, FL Probate Lawyer

Worried About Probate? Here’s What You Need To Know According To This Saint Augustine, FL Probate Lawyer

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Life happens in phases and brings about many seasons of change. You can be better prepared for that change with the help of legal resources suited to your needs. Whether the beginning of a venture or the ending of one, a certified, experienced probate attorney can make all the difference.

Attorney Paul H. Threatt has served the Saint Augustine community for 15 years. Dedicated to his craft, Attorney Threatt believes all families deserve a probate attorney they can trust. As a stout believer in family-first values, Attorney Threatt has made it his mission to be there for families that want to take the next step in securing their futures.

While wealth building and the American Dream go hand-in-hand, Attorney Threatt understands, compassionately, that only some have an advantageous start. Working within communities that are often underrepresented and misunderstood is a challenging feat.

However, as a former Marine, Attorney Threatt can balance financial knowledge with family wealth empowerment, meeting the needs of individuals and entire communities.

Estate Planning vs Probate

Estate planning can best be described as a way to solidify your family’s future. By the end of your career or early retirement, you may be ready to officially choose an heir or heirs. When ensuring everything is well aligned for a seamless transition, estate planning will calm many of your fears.

Although it can save time and money in the long run and help care for families after a loved one has passed, many still forgo the planning. Estate planning is a huge step in avoiding the probate process altogether.

How To Avoid Probate

When someone passes away without a will, typically, all of their assets go through probate. In this process, the probate court decides who gets what assets or property based on current state laws.

Historically, many oppressed groups have opted out of estate planning. Greatly attributed to the harsh legislative opposition they faced, many could not pass down wealth from generation to generation. Instead, there was a heavy reliance on what is known as “heir’s property.” A good way to avoid probate is to have a solid estate plan.

Why Heir’s Property Doesn’t Hold Up In Court

Often, oppressed groups would pass down assets and property in what is known as “heir’s property.” The problem would arise that none of this had been on record with the locality or municipality. Instead, passing on assets was “honored” amongst the remaining family as the deceased’s last wishes.

Consequently, the issue of who rightfully owned the property would arise when someone died. This created legal battles in which securing clean titles to land was almost impossible.

Without a solid and legitimate will, acres upon acres of land would enter into probate and be redistributed as state property, leaving many families destitute and without any legal recourse.

Luckily, today, probate law firms like the Law Offices of Paul H. Threatt exist as the legal warriors for your family.

If a loved one has passed and you are facing probate court, securing an experienced probate attorney is best. Our firm will be able to answer your questions and explain things you may need help understanding.

Protecting Your Legacy

You’ve built a strong foundation for your family; naturally, you want to preserve it for them. The best way to do this is through estate planning.

The Law Offices of Paul H. Threatt can assist you in your planning needs. There are many aspects to consider; your will be one of them, of course. There are also special wills and trusts that you may not be aware of.

Having a solid estate plan can also help your family avoid some of the taxes and costs of inheritances. Many beneficiaries who don’t have a strong legal team representing them often feel as though their inheritance has created an undue burden.

The Beneficiary’s Burden

Once someone dies, the legal implications of the estate become the responsibility of the heirs to figure out. This can be a daunting task, time-consuming and requiring special attention to detail. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, how can you find it?

The Law Offices of Paul H. Threatt has many years of experience with estate planning and probate. Often, seeking legal representation can help alleviate some of the stress that many families feel when a loved one has passed.

However, there is still plenty of time while you are here to ask the right questions, get the correct answers, and, most importantly, get it all in writing.

Still Have Questions? Call Us!

The Law Offices of Paul H. Threatt has spent over a decade ensuring the successful passing on of legacy after legacy. Countless families have been saved from the nightmare of probate court by having the compassionate and knowledgeable support of our legal team.

Proudly serving Saint Augustine and the surrounding areas, we are honored to offer our services to you and your family.

Call our office at (904) 650-4262 to schedule a confidential consultation. We look forward to assisting you!

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